February 20, 2018

Our custom hoodie strings are awesome.  We allow clothing brands, organizations, and sports teams, to showcase their artistic expression in a world of plain and forgettable strings.   Even having your brand or team name in a completely regular, off-the-rack hoodie can make a world of difference.   We are currently in the process of making Hoodlaces an entirely USA based company, and the last piece of the puzzle is printing our laces here in the US without having them cost an arm-and-a-leg.   We have set a plan in motion to solve this by the end of 2018.   However, for the time being, we are able to offer these amazing polyester, double braided hoodie strings at a minimum order quantity of 250 laces.  By the year’s end, we will solve the problem and bring the MOQ down much lower, so please bear with us while we bring work back to the USA.


Steve Finley